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“F*ck Yeah” Kind of Day

Been staring at a blank screen for a bit and struggling to find the right words to type. Mainly, I just can’t stop smiling.

I had another scanathon on Wednesday and today, I got the best news possible. Right out of the mouth of Dr. B., “I’m considering you cured.”



From Stage IV Melanoma.


I’ve been asking myself those same exact questions. To be honest, it feels a pretty damn surreal.

This week has been extra strange for me. On October 16, 2018, I spent nearly 4 hours in the Mayo infusion center for the first time. One year later, I was having scans in preparation to end treatment. What a f*cking roller coaster this entire thing has been.

Dr. B. gave me the option to have treatment today and I wanted it. I needed to celebrate #14 and know that it was my last one. I needed that closure. And also I needed to color one last page in my inappropriate coloring book.

So, what happens now?!

Well, now, I try to pull myself out of the cancer bubble I’ve been living in. I officially entered “surveillance mode” where I’ll be constantly monitored and watched. We’ll keep doing scans every 3 months. The next milestone is to make it to 2 years out. Apparently those that relapse (I’m told the percentage is small) will relapse in the first 2 years. And the good news is for those that relapse, they typically respond to Immunotherapy again (assuming they responded the first time).

To be honest, I have a lot of feelings, and I’ll sort through them later. Right now I’m going to take a nap and keep smiling. Cause today is a damn good day and I want to take it all in! Also I’m wearing socks that say “F*ck Yeah Kind of Day” which just appropriately sums up today.


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