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Let's Talk Money

Cancer treatment is expensive. Like really, really expensive.

Just a short 11 days after my insurance renewed, I hit my maximum out of pocket for the year. Our insurance reset on the first of the year and all it took was one day at the Mayo Clinic.

Let me break it down for you. Three things happened on 1/11 that caused me to reach my max out of pocket FOR THE YEAR.

  • Routine Bloodwork: $646.00

  • Office Visit: $294.00

  • Chemotherapy (Nivolumab Infusion): $48,379.50

I haven’t even had scans yet! Knowing that I’ll likely have these treatments each month for the majority of 2019, we’re looking at easily another $500,000+. The cost of medical care here is OFF THE CHARTS. Granted, I’m only responsible for my maximum out of pocket, so I’m considering the rest of the year $free.99 😉 From only September – December last year, my insurance company was billed a whopping $568,000. Looks like your girl needs to start buying some lottery tickets…

Between insurance and savings, I’ll be able to manage. Sure, it’s hard to put a price tag on your life, but it really makes you think.

I was looking forward to putting new floors in my house and maybe buying some new photography equipment, but those will have to wait. Cancer had different plans 😉


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