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Sometimes You Choose Your Battles, and Sometimes They Choose You

Initial diagnosis of Stage IV Melanoma

Five years and one day after removing my Melonoma from my shoulder, I had a routine check-up with my Oncologist. I had recently discovered a lump in my leg that I thought I should show her. Given my history, she didn’t take the situation lightly. She ordered some scans and wanted it removed and biopsied ASAP.

Upon getting the results of the scans and biopsy, I found out that the monster that is Melonoma is back — in a handful of places in my body, including my brain.

I can’t even begin to describe the last couple weeks and the tornado this has created. I know had skin cancer, but I never labeled myself a “Cancer Survivor”. From my perspective, I didn’t survive anything — I simply had it surgically removed. I was super diligent with all my check ups and constantly making sure nothing new showed up. Nothing ever did. I didn’t have any new moles or marks on my skin. I didn’t have any symptoms. It wasn’t until I did a full body PET scan and a MRI of my brain when we found these. One day I was a totally fine and seemingly healthy 29 year old, and the next I have Stage IV Melonoma.

I’ve got the best medical team assembled and the best damn support system in place. It feels like I’ve got an entire army around me and I know, together, we’re going to destroy this disease.

So, if you're interested, put on some god damn sun screen and join me in this journey.

Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

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Jorge Fernández Camargo
Jorge Fernández Camargo
17. tammik. 2019

Hi Im from Perú. I read your history and....just one word: courage. I just here writing because my mom. She was detected with melanoma. Last year all the family was worried about that. Well, she was operated, but now she is nervous with quimio....I read about inmunoterapy treatment. But its too expensive in my country. I searching some organization who maybe provides a treatment for help. Sorry for tell you. But i dont know what to do sometimes. She is my mother, my friend, everything. Nice to write you. Im Jorge. My mail

P.d sorry for my english

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