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Bye bye, Brain Metastasis!

Post Stereotactic Radio Surgery to "zap" the Melanoma in my brain.

Step #1 of treatment: Stereotactic Radio Surgery to kill the melanoma tumor in my brain. We're trying SRS first for a handful of reasons:

1) According to a Neurosurgeon, the tumor is located in a "high rent district" in my brain. It's close to some pretty important things and having it surgically removed could be pretty risky.

2) If I opted for surgery, I'd have to wait to heal from that before beginning my systemic treatment to get rid of the rest of tumors in my body.

Well, as of today, consider that little sucker inside my brain officially zapped. Had my SRS treatment got to obnoxiously ring a giant bell when I was done to celebrate. And, I got to keep my mask—just in time for Halloween!

Step #1: COMPLETE!

Up next: Immunotherapy



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